Most Disturbing Films Ever Made

Everyone needs a good scare every once in a while, and these movies surely will satisfy that craving for a long time. Some of the films on this list are so disturbing, just reading the descriptions will give you the chills.

Get Out

This was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, and he nailed it. He meshed social commentary with traditional horror in Get Out, and it was so well done that it has now opened the door for a new wave of scary movies.

Rosemary’s Baby

This 1968 film is where things began getting strange in the film industry. Rosemary’s Baby shocked audiences because they had genuinely never seen something grotesque and morose on the silver screen before.


Hausu is a Japanese cult classic released in 1977. The film is half animated, half live-action making it completely and totally bizarre. Hausu is actually labeled as a horror-comedy starring all amateur actors.


Nope, this is not a silly comedy like Flubber. Rubber actually follows a bloodthirsty tire that has a crush on a real human woman–no, we didn’t make that up. This movie is super disturbing and plain weird. Whoever came up with this idea is a special, special person…


This 1979 movie practically invented space horror and is just as unsettling as the H. R. Giger artwork it originated from. Chaos ensues when the crew of starship Nostromo encounters an alien egg nest inside an alien vessel…


Eraserhead came out in 1977, and to this day the movie still perplexes critics, viewers, and prop designers alike. This experimental body horror film, directed by David Lynch was not only spooky and weird, but nobody has any idea how the Eraserhead baby actually worked.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder was a 1990 psychological thriller flick. Veterans and civilians alike were equally freaked out, as character Jacob Singer returns from Afghanistan and is lodged in a twisted state of paranoia.

A Clockwork Orange

Creepy and grotesque, this 1971 film will make you squirm. Set in a futuristic England, this cult classic is truly ahead of its time.


This is the first completely animated movie to make the list. Akira is psychologically challenging, and it’s full of body horror.




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