Reasons Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is The Perfect Game For Now

Since it’s released on March 20, Nintendo’s game Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become such a hit. Almost everyone who has a Switch plays it, and those who don’t even buy new consoles just for this game. It’s hard to say whether its popularity has something to do with the special home isolation time, but there are solid reasons why you should consider playing it now. Read on to check out why, and maybe you’d grow some interest and start playing too!

Relaxing Chores To Do

Your primary “task” in the game is to make a deserted island the way you want by doing various things, which includes fishing, picking fruits, catching insects, collecting materials, etc. They are all as relaxing as you imagine, which will soothe yourself during the stressful time.

Socializing With Friends

When you’re stuck inside for a day or two, it may still be ok, but you need to stay connected with people when the home staying lasts months. It’s very safe for you to socialize with friends in the game by inviting them to your island or vice versa. You get to do all the fun things with them online, including enjoying the “nature” when you can’t in reality.

Just Like The Reality

Although it’s a game, it’s relatively similar to the real world in many ways. For instance, you need to sell stuff for bells to pay your mortgage, just like in real life. And once you cut down a tree, you can’t get any material from it, which makes you want to live a sustainable life.

 Freedom In The Game

Surprisingly, you still have a lot of freedom in the game, even with some seemingly major tasks. Decorating your house and managing your land, you name it. There is so much you can do, especially with friends. Just imagine when your friends think they’re lucky enough to catch some rare fish and you’re not, you can directly show off yours to “fight” back or just hit them with a butterfly net if you prefer that way.

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