Famous Movies That Have Been Banned All Over the World

There are numerous reasons why a movie could get banned anywhere. While most of these banned films have historical, political, and religious contexts that challenge the status quo, some are just extraordinarily violent.

We’ve collected a list of films that have been banned around the world, and some of them might really surprise you…

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese had a lot to say in this ceremoniously loved and equally hated film that came out in 2013. The Wolf of Wall Street follows a young stockbroker (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who hits it big and loses his mind-blowing his newfound wealth. Scorsese packed this one full of drugs, sex, and partying, but he didn’t lay off the corporate fat-cats who actually live and act this way in real life.

Cover Your Eyes!!

This movie was banned in Malaysia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Kenya due to its graphic imagery. Listen, we don’t condone drug use, violence, or money laundering, but we think that these countries could have used their time a bit wiser when they passed legislation to ban this movie. That being said, this one isn’t for the kids.

Brokeback Mountain


This movie was one of the most important films to come out in the early 2000s as far as boldness and social integrity go. Brokeback Mountain takes the viewer on a journey navigating the relationships of two cowboys who were engaging in a sexual relationship while hiding it from their loved ones. The end is tragic, and Brokeback Mountain speaks clearly to what was wrong about the perception of homosexuality at the time.

Shut Down from the Ground Up

Brokeback Mountain was by far the most impressive film to come out in 2005. So, why didn’t it win the Best Picture award, despite sweeping all of the Best Picture and Best Director prizes on the annual circuit? Well, Hollywood critics say that institutionalized homophobia was most likely to blame. Additionally, this movie was banned in several Middle Eastern countries and China for its depiction of a homosexual relationship.

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons have always had a household reputation of being crass, un-godly, and generally upsetting to older, more conservative families. But, The Simpsons Movie ban didn’t come from public outcry. It came from a government trying to suppress a revolution.

Viva La Revolución!

The country of Burma banned the distribution of The Simpsons Movie nationwide. Evidently, the primarily yellow and red color scheme was the chosen colors of a local rebel militia. By the way, The Simpsons Movie 2 was just announced, and it’s likely that this one isn’t going to get banned there, so what gives?

The Interview

This 2014 Seth Rogan/James Franco movie depicts two American journalists who attempt to infiltrate and assassinate North Korean prime leader Kim Jong-un. It doesn’t take a genius with a political sciences degree to understand why this wasn’t received well.

The World Just Hated the Idea

This movie got banned in Russia, where the political powers use the media to paint Kim Jong-un as a stable world leader with equal power to the US and allied territories. Needless to say, Kim Jong-un didn’t like this depiction of his likeness. But, all American movies are banned in North Korea anyway, so it’s likely that the general population there doesn’t even know that this exists.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This horror masterpiece still holds up to today’s standards. With its unapologetic gore, refusal to let the good guy win, and its counterculture overtone, there’s no wonder why this movie got demonized when it was released in 1974. This movie always has been, and will forever be, one of the most important horror films to ever exist.

Blood and Guts? No Thank You!

This movie got banned in West Germany, Singapore, and numerous Scandanavian countries because of its disturbing imagery and violent theme. Believe it or not, this movie is still censored in some of the places that it was originally banned. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the grandfather of the slasher genre, and it deserves a watch if your local government permits it. 

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