What Type of Guy Will You Attract in 2021

Out with the old, and in with the new guy! Last year may have not been a record year
in the dating department, but there’s a new year ahead. In 2020, you have 12 whole
months to meet someone you deserve. You have a brand new chance to attract the kind
of guy you’ve been dreaming about. Will you attract that type of guy, though?

Even if you already have a type — that kind of guy you always seem to end up dating
— you can never predict who will be attracted to you. Will he be the kind you are familiar with,
or will he be something brand new? If you share your dating history, your dating hopes and what you want in a man,
you’ll learn what type of guy you can expect to reel in during 2021.


When you see an attractive guy across the room, what do you first notice about him?

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